About Me


I am transitioning my practice to virtual sessions only. During the COVID-19 crisis, many of us have had to adjust to more virtual interactions, and this has presented new opportunities. I've now been in practice for 21 years: 14 years in a group practice with Dr. Alfred Barrow and the last 7 years as a solo practitioner.  I always liked having the freedom to integrate Christian values and beliefs when appropriate with my clients.  Having not been raised in the church, but raised to be somewhat skeptical of organized religion, I also respect those individuals who come to therapy and do not want to be subjected to religious pressure. I promise to be respectful of your goals and what you want to receive from our time together.  I might add that in reflecting back on my life, I believe a consistent theme for me has been to be a “seeker of truth”.  Early on psychology seemed to be the most likely path to pursue to uncover truth and insight.  However, with much education, as well as life experiences, the spiritual dimension has also evolved and plays a significant role in whom I have become.  

Marriage Counselor